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Wendy Private School was established in the vicinity of Ondangwa town, in 2002, under the Oshigambo Circuit, in the mighty Oshikoto Region. It operates as a combined school that has an early childhood development (kindergarten) and grade 0 up to grade 12 (advanced subsidiary). The school carries all phases namely; Junior primary, senior primary, junior secondary and senior secondary. It offers the Namibian curriculum as defined by the Ministry of Education, arts and culture

Wendy Private school holds a plethora of qualified teachers who give learner-centered, accessible and effective education, which is result oriented.

The school is one of the best schools of choice due to it’s performance across board with its significance as a top grade 10 grade 12 school in the country and top 3 best school in grade 11 national examinations in the region.

it boosts a fully equipped science and computer laboratory that make learners to be technically advanced and introduced into the world of science.

In terms of languages curriculum; first languages Oshindonga and Oshikwanyama and as of second languages; English and Afrikaans.

Modern classrooms- Our classrooms are safe modern in a conducive environment which accommodates the right recommended number of learners in each class. Learners in this class can give accustomed to learning and working with modern equipment available machinery. We also have fully equipped science laboratories and computer laboratory.

Activity facilities- Our school is designed in such a way to accommodate a wider variety of sports and cultural activities on the school premises and accessories; a school canteen, tuck-shop, soccer field, netball and volleyball grounds, indoor games.

Boarding school- Our boarding school offer safe, modern accommodation for all learners from pre-grade to AS. With comfortable learning areas and supervision by directed leaders and hostel matrons. Our boarding is safe, comforting home away from home.


we believe in participation in sports and cultural activities plays an important role in promoting health learning awareness. Discipline and 21st century skills such as self-confidence.

Wendy Ps has a strong sports performance record and we offer a wide variety of activities. Creative talents life enrichment periods (Life skills and clubs), project hope and girl child music lessons, craft and weaving.


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We honor and appreciate our students and teachers for their dedication and hard work. 

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            Wendy Private School, Behind  Salina Motors, Oshakondwa village nenxt to Punya Village.

              P.O BOX 2958 Ondangwa

    065 245 823 | 085 780 3215 | 081 263 1558